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Chandelier lights are simply marvelous, but how do you keep them crystal and dazzling? You have to keep them clean, polish them often, and ensure that the light bulbs are operational. The problem with chandeliers is that they are hanging at the center of the house near your ceiling. How do you get there?

You can hire a professional company to do all the maintenance works on your Aladdin lighting. It is expensive and inconvenient because you have to schedule them. What do you do when you want to make changes to the light fixtures in the high ceilings? How do you go about it? Do you use a heavy ladder? Well, we are in the age of technology. We are at a time when you don’t need to stress yourself over such matters.

Aladdin light lifts can make your overall experience with fixtures in the high ceilings easy. All you have to do is to install light lifts. If you have invested in quality light fixtures, don’t struggle with taking care of them. This automated lifts can quickly lower the chandelier or any other item on the ceilings smoothly to a level where you can efficiently operate.

What are Aladdin lighting lifts?

These are extensions added to your chandelier to make it easy for it to move up and down. Typically, the lights holder is fitted firmly into the joist or beam to ensure that it cannot fall and cause damages. Since some of the light holders are heavy, it is fitted with several screws. It, therefore, means you cannot move it quickly. The lift system is fitted directly into the chandelier holder so that the pulley system can move it up and down smoothly. Doing so makes it easy for anyone to clean or examine the lighting system.

The system has a locking system that uses a key to ensure it does not remain loose. You can access the keyhole next to the switch. The light lifts come in different sizes, notably200lbs, 300lbs, 700lbs, and 1000lbs.

For residential light fixtures, you can use the 200lbs and 300lbs for super heavy chandeliers. The other two are mainly for commercial buildings where the light fixtures are much larger and grander.

You can mount these models remotely or directly near the vertical of the hole. Remote installations are perfect if there is an obstruction that is preventing the installer from accessing the attic. Maybe the attic space is too small, or there is not enough support for a massive chandelier.

There are several chandelier lights lifts in the market. The Aladdin model is one of the reputable brands making them. Whenever you are buying this type of system, focus on the quality of the model. It is all about the superiority of the system because safety and performance are imperative.

Why do you need Aladdin lighting lifts?

 To access the chandelier easily.

You cannot access the chandelier or tall vases easily. Some are standing 15 ft. or more off the ground. The trouble with that is that you cannot use a tall ladder because you cannot hold it in place. You can invest in a three-legged ladder, but it will still be uncomfortable at such dizzying heights. I doubt if there is any of your cleaning crew ready to go that high into the ceilings. The hazards are too many. The other alternative is to use a lift. Professional light fixture cleaners and light bulb replacement experts can use those ones. However, you will need a bigger door to make that happen.

A lift will solve all those problems for you. It will easily lower the lighting fixture whenever you want to do that. You can keep your cleaning schedule. Even if you’re going to clean it up in the middle of the night, you can do that.

To clean the chandelier comfortably.

When it comes to maintenance, cleaning, and repairs, comfort is paramount. You are probably not the one doing the cleaning. I speak as an expert installer and repair in Burlington, Camden, Mercer, and Ocean New Jersey, and I know that you want to work in a comfortable position. Ladders don’t offer much assurance, especially in the high ceilings. Your home cleaning team will love you for this because you will make their work effortless.

The risks involved in trying to clean something that is above your head are many. Any slight mistake can send the chandelier tumbling down. If it is crystalline, you will be lucky to have escaped alive. Lucky for you, Aladdin light lifts can help you lower it to a comfortable level where you can change the bulbs, clean it up, and even do routine maintenance.

The installation process

Unlike other unproven light lifts, Aladdin lighting lifts have four distinct advantages. First, they are patented innovations. The manufacturers of the lifts have done a thorough job of testing the lifts against all possible situations to ensure that they work perfectly when installed by a professional. When I install something, I want quality and performance assurance. I don’t want to get into a trial and error project. Such projects tend to waste a lot of time. Furthermore, they are not even certified.

Secondly, they come with a safety guarantee and an easy to follow owner’s manual (PDF). Unlike those DIY projects that rely on untested modifications, these lifts turn off electricity to the unit once the lift is lowering the chandelier, eliminating the risk of electrical shock. Your cleaning crew will do their routine checks, cleaning, and replacements without any risk or danger.

Thirdly, it comes with easy-to-use switches and operation boards than can use the existing wiring system. You can place the switches on the floor level of your house. Even if you have done further modifications to determine the height of the lights fixtures, it will still use the same remote system installation approach and operation.

Lastly, it is designed to fit into the hole snuggly. The beauty of it is that it holds the light fixture uniformly at right angles. It, therefore, can move up and down smoothly to the height of your choice. When it is returning, it will snuggly fit into the opening, leaving a beautiful outlook the same as the fitted chandelier.

If you are installing a new chandelier or a need for an electrical upgrade during a remodel arises, it will be wise to install the lift kit together with the lighting system. Doing so will give it the automation that any modern chandelier design deserves.

Installation guidelines

As usual, a certified electrician is the best candidate for all electrical installations. It is easy to think that you can do it well by following an online tutorial, but it is an entirely different matter to pull it off safely.

Indeed, Aladdin lighting lifts are easy to install. However, they also carry a certain amount of caution and risk. When disconnecting the chandelier from the joist, you must be careful. Some people end up crashing the marvelous piece of art to the ground.

It is also easy to forget to tape off loose wire ends or other safety precautions. Besides, wastage of time and materials is usually unaccounted for, but it is also a factor. You might need a lot of time and attention to install the unit successfully.

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