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Finding yourself in need of some electrical upgrades this year? We totally understand! It feels like every year there are more tools and gadgets to keep up with, and 2018 was no different. Our certified electricians can help you retain the access you need with our upgrade and outlet services, so contact us today to get the safe electrical access you need!

Holiday Electrical Statistics

It’s the time of the year for friends, family, community, and comfort! It can also be a dangerous time of the year, and the last thing anyone wants is for tragedy to strike during the holidays. That’s why we at JDM Electrical Contractors have put together this list of electrical holiday statistics, to make sure you know what to watch out for this holiday season. The holidays can be a chaotic time of the year, whether you’re carving up your Thanksgiving turkey, lighting the menorah for Hanukkah, or preparing a batch of cookies on Christmas Eve. So make sure that this holiday season is a safe one!

Holiday Electrical Fire Hazards & Statistics

​The most common risks and issues associated with holiday time electrical are latent fire hazards. These typically come from a wide array of sources, but only a few causes. Let’s start with some important statistics to keep in mind:

  • Data accrued by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) states that 30% of annual home fires recorded happen in December, January, or February.
  • Two out of five home Christmas tree fires started in the living or family room.
  • 150 home fires per year happen because of holiday lights or decorative lighting, accounting for $8.9 million in property damage each year, as well as occasional injury and rare fatality.
  • Christmas tree fires result in double the injuries and five times more fatalities than comparable average winter holiday home fire.
Shock Hazards & Statistics

Poor use of electrical equipment (or forgetful holiday zeal) doesn’t always result in fire. But it can just as often lead to other issues, most commonly electrical shock, and rarely electrocution. Here are some more stats to think over:

  • About 3,300 residential fires start from extension cords each year which results in an average of 50 fatalities and nearly 300 injuries.
  • An annual estimation from NFPA states that 60 electrocutions (fatal shock) are linked to consumer products.  One of the three most common products is lighting equipment.
The Important Takeaway

Keep in mind that statistics like these are not here to scare you. They’re meant to inform! If you check over some of the stats we brought up you’ll notice that the majority of issues are related to negligence or a lack of knowledge, so as a takeaway follow these electrical safety guidelines:

  • Do not cover power cords or extension cables with fabric or run them under furniture.
  • Never link extension cords.
  • Follow holiday lighting hanging safety standards, and be sure to use outdoor lighting outdoors and indoor lighting indoors.
  • Don’t leave cooking equipment unattended.
  • Don’t overload a single circuit. If you need more electrical access, look into adding dedicated circuits or more outlets.
  • Be sure to water your tree frequently, as this is another of the leading causes of devastating tree fires.

If you’re looking to learn more about holiday electrical statistics you’ll find a whole lot more at the ESFI database where they have loads of very good and useful information. Or, if you’re looking for a trusted electrician to help you ensure your holiday is a safe one then call on JDM Electrical Contractors! 609-989-8097

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