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Has your circuit breaker been tripping a lot recently? Have you been worried that you may need to replace it… that you may have a faulty breaker?

Well, the only way to know is to check. Because there may be something very wrong with it or there may be nothing wrong at all.

The cause of a tripped breaker is that there is something irregular happening with the circuit. The breaker, being the protector, wants to stop the problem before it gets any worse. It is basic prevention and it doesn’t necessarily mean that something terrible is occurring. The breaker is simply making sure that potential issues do not escalate and cause major issues in the future.

If you do not have electrical expertise it is wise to hire a professional, someone to check your circuit breaker, assess any problems, and fix them before it is too late.

If your breaker is constantly tripping, it may mean you have a bad breaker, a short circuit, or just an overloaded circuit. All of these things could point to serious underlying problems with your electrical wiring.

When you do hire a professional to check your breaker, they will test a couple of things:

  1. They will determine if it is a short circuit, meaning that wires are touching items they should not be.
  2. They will figure out if your breaker is too old and/or not strong enough to handle your current electrical needs.
  3. They will check to see if it is a simple case of an overloaded circuit that is causing it to trip.

​If you are worried you have an electrical problem in your circuit breaker panel, give us a call at 609-989-8097 for a free estimate.

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