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Install Recessed Lighting in Your New Jersey Home

Are you thinking about new ways to light your home? Recessed lighting is a popular and gorgeous way to save space and create dramatic light in any room. However, instead of installing outward-facing lighting fixtures like track lighting and sconces, recessed lighting is actually recessed into your ceiling. When it comes to your home, leave it to the professionals. At JDM Electrical Contractors, we have years of experience installing and repairing recessed lighting in all types of homes.

ceiling with recessed lighting

Why Use Recessed Lighting?

There are many great places and uses for recessed lighting in your home. It saves space while providing a timeless look that you’ll love. Additionally, these lighting fixtures last for decades and are easy to repair and replace once installed. With new LED technology, you may not ever have to worry about touching recessed lighting fixtures at all. Recessed lighting also increases your home’s value when it comes time to sell. You can also use recessed lighting for:

  • Multi-room applications with dimmer switches to adjust the mood
  • Accent lighting
  • Clean, contemporary looks with minimalism in mind
  • Spotlighting to highlight certain walls or art
  • Downlighting to fill a room with light without being distracting
  • Wall-washing, a technique used by interior designers to make a room appear larger

Professional Installations for Guaranteed Quality

There’s a lot that goes into recessed lighting fixtures. While they operate the same way as standard fixtures, they have different configurations designed specifically for above the ceiling line. It’s important to hire professionals to install this lighting. At JDM Electrical Contractors, we have a vast knowledge of recessed lighting and their other parts, including bar hangers, junction boxes, wire cables, metal houses, thermal sensors, reflectors, and more. We can help you install your recessed lighting fixtures for your kitchen and counter spaces to highlight your gathering places and meals, in shower stalls for a brighter, uninterrupted glow, and even in home theaters to give off that authentic feel.

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